February 14


Love is all.

Less is more.

Regret is useless.

Time heals and orders it all.

Facing yourself gives you power.

Your body first, then everything else.

After closing a door, another one opens.

Better alone than sorounded by hipocresy.

The simplest solution is mostly the best one.

Better the longest path than the shortest one.

It only matters what you do to make others happier.

Throwing yourself to the void helps you learn how to fly.

Beating yourself is more worthy than beating anyone else.

Numbers are nothing, fame is nothing, following is nothing.

Light follows you everywhere, if you are light. Also the shadow.

Success is inside, not outside. It's in the person, not in the media it uses.

Usually, letting go something or someone, brings better, newer experiences.

It's one day at a time.

We are here to wake up.